Friday, November 18, 2011

XML Schema Definition : Theory and Practice

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Hands On

I am working to get a better screen capture software.Please look at the XML and XSD below below if its not clear in the video.

1) The XML Schema file for Order

2) The XML for Order

3) Download and Install XML Notepad from this URL - XML Notepad

4) Modify and add to the above schema file.Work on several examples using the various XSD schema elements on W3Schools.Master XML Schema Definition Today!

5) Please shoot me an email with your feedback or questions to bharathsblog@gmail.com

Click here to read the XML Introduction Article

Saturday, November 12, 2011

XML : An Introduction

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Understanding the basics of XML and related technologies listed below is necessary for every IT professional no matter what team he works for and the kind of work s/he does.

I will be sharing more hands on examples on these topics starting with XML Schema Definition(XSD) next.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

J2EE Technology Roadmap for beginners

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Once you learn these frameworks you can easily switch to any new framework with in the j2ee tiers.Below are the links that will get you started with the technologies listed in the presentation.I will be presenting each of these frameworks in detail in the future.Until then keep sharing and learning.

Core Java


Design Patterns

Servlets and JSPs




Web Services

Ant ,Junit and Mockito

Application Servers

Purpose and Goal

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The purpose of this technical blog is to share and learn with two simple goals.

1) Reduce the gap between the two worlds namely College and IT industry
2) Share with and Learn from others in the Industry.

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Thanks for reading and sharing!